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Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring

(GPS + AGPS + LBS Accuracy & Speed)
(Plug & Play Easy to Swap between Vehicles)
Offline Data
(Location data stored upto 2 days @ 30 seconds interval)
Build Quality
(Tamper-proof in built antenna Water-proof IP65 grade protection Embedded SIM Dual operator Accelerometer & Gyro sensor)
Configurable Alerts
(Over-speeding Notifications & SMS Ignition/power-off warnings Geo-fence barrier alerts)
(Capability to update device firmware remotely (FOTA))
Government Approved
(Motor Vehicle Department recommended CDAC Approved, ICAT Certified)

Track your child’s movement from bus on campus to your home in 9 easy steps

Step - 1
Bus starts from the school
Step - 2
Receive Alert Message when the bus moves from the previous stop (user can assign one or two stop ahead)
Step - 3
Child gets on a Bus outside home (RFID punching system) – Pick up
Step - 4
Child gets off a bus in school
Step - 5
Class In (RFID Attendance entry- First Period)
Step - 6
Class Out (RFID Attendance Exit – Last Period)
Step - 7
Child gets on the bus from school
Step - 8
Receive Alert Message when the bus moves from the previous stop(user can assign one or two stop ahead)
Step - 9
Child gets off the bus outside home – Drop Off

Trackmybus – School Benefits

  • Ensure student safety while pick up/drop off
  • Avoid child abduction incidents
  • Evaluate driving pattern and reduce accident risks
  • Manage fleet with higher efficiency
  • Avoid fuel wastage caused by excessive idling and inefficient routes
  • Manage emergency situations such as breakdowns easily
  • Confirm that your operators are driving safely and cautiously
  • Re position bus stops as necessary to increase efficiency
  • Get real-time alerts on bus movement and student transit with pin-point accuracy
  • Get instant notification in case of vehicle breakdown or emergencies in transit
  • Optimize bus routes to cut down travel time and save fuel costs
  • RFID/CCTV based technology lets you know what is happening in the bus when in transitv
  • Single window real time bus monitoring system to accurately track the whole fleet and students’ whereabouts
  • Interactive and custom reports for bus schedule adherence, bus speed and route mapping
Trackmybus – Parent Benefits

  • Stay stress-free throughout the day
  • Track the child easily with cutting edge GPS/RFID technology
  • Get real-time alerts on bus movement and your child transit with pin-point accuracy
  • Emergency button for parents in case of breakdowns, accidents or wrong routes
  • Eliminate stress about the school-going child’s well being
  • Avoid the chances of child abduction incidents
  • Monitor speed and time duration of school bus at each stop

Awesome features

Trackmyschool brings schools & parents a step closer to the technologically connected world
Track my bus
Comprehensive, future-ready GPS system to ensure your child’s safe and timely transit to school & back
Real time GPS tracking
Real time information with the help of GPS tracking for convenience, safety and quick action in case of emergency
Homework & Assignment (E-board)
Allows teachers to conduct class tests and to take snapshot of what is given on the board and share it with the parent. Allows for sharing of classwork, homework, assignments with parents. Adds total value in managing student’s academic life.
Track my class
An innovative technology solution for students, teachers and parents to interact seamlessly
Prepaid RFID card can be used by students for purchasing academic supplies, canteen food and renewing subscriptions within school
Virtual notice board & academic calendar
Parents receive alerts regarding the events, class tests and exam schedules

Trackmyclass – School Benefit

  • Get on the fast track and stay smart with Trackmyschool.info
  • Ensure seamless interaction between students, teachers and parents
  • Manage academics smartly with Leave, Attendance, Progress Card and Daily Diary
  • School administration and management activities made simple and productive
  • Detailed reports from the Dashboard of the App translate to better decision making
  • Single window to enhanced productivity in staff management, student management, exam management and transportation management
  • Prepaid RFID allows cashless transactions within school and prevents danger of burglary
  • Save money, time and efforts spent on paper circulars and consumption
  • Enables teachers to stay organized easily
Trackmyclass –Parent Benefits

  • Keep a tab on their child’s academic progress in the school right at your fingertips
  • An interactive channel to communicate about your child’s potential, progress, strengths, struggles and so forth
  • Manage academics smartly with Leave, Attendance, Progress Card and Daily Diary
  • Be informed about important dates and schedules
  • Collaborate with teachers effortlessly for your child’s academic success
  • Detailed reports from the Dashboard of the App translate to better decision making
  • Stay informed about the amazing moments and the challenges your kids face in the classroom

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An easy and convenient way to connect parents, teachers and students under one platform.

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